Read Planet Fedora a Better Way

October 23rd, 2008 by Charles Peng No comments »

Well, I just created a group called “Fedora User Group” in is a social aggregation tool that looks to combine all your as well as your contacts’ social media into a long stream. It’s a great fuction I need. With,  I am now able to add Planet Fedora RSS and other Fedora-related RSSes to combine into just ONE and show in ONE webpage.

You can now visit Fedora User Group URL or to read blog entries on Planet Fedora now. ( was blocked in China, so for Mainland China Fedora users, please visit has a good reading experience, there are no “pages” buttons, instead, the scrool bar of your browser is endless, until you read to the very first item.

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Fedora Chinese User Group Forum

October 22nd, 2008 by Charles Peng 11 comments »

A Fedora Chinese Ambassador and core member of the Fedora Chinese User Group, Mr Yuan Yijun (User:Bbbush) organised a meeting on #fedora-cn IRC channel on Oct. 17th. They discussed how to promote Fedora in China through different activities, and determined to set up a forum for all Fedora Chinese users.

After this meeting, Mr Yuan created another fedora activity group on Google, and organised an executing group to accomplish these objectives I said above, I joined in, and other 4 fedora fans joined in this executing group too (6 in all),  for the past week, we dicussed a lot with each other in fedora-activity mailing list, and a lot of problems were soled perfectly. Everything went well.

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Some useful tools for international trading (1)

October 21st, 2008 by Charles Peng 1 comment »

I attended an Alibaba international trading course on how to increase your business using free online web 2.0 services at Sanyou International Hotel today. This course is held by Alibaba China Suppliers Service Department, and lectured by Mr. Wang Sheng from Yiwu Jiade Network Technology Ltd, who’s a very handsome, and humorous guy, his interesting lectures amused and impressed all of us.

In his lecture, he introduced us a lot of very useful resources/tools to help us enlarging our business, these tools are all popular web 2.0 services, which make foreign trading more easy and efficient, and most of them are completely free of charge.

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Charles’ Readers Community

October 21st, 2008 by Charles Peng No comments »

I am so happy to announce the luanch of my new forum Charles’ Readers Community for all my blog readers. This community is a forum based on bbPress. bbPress is a very good forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress. It’s very ease of use, ease of integration, and speed. What’s most import is that it’s very light-weighted and powerful enough with add on features through its extensive plugin system.

Just because it has so many features to meet my requirements, and, it’s also a work of WordPress developer team, it can be easily intergrated with my WordPress blog, it became my readers’ community software.

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My Fedora (KDE Environment) Desktop Screenshots

October 20th, 2008 by Charles Peng 2 comments »

I installed both GNOME and KDE environments in my Fedora system. I personally much prefer the GNOME desktop, and seldom went to KDE desktop, but I had a try KDE last day and took some screenshots. KDE 4.1 is much better than ever, but I am not familiar it… and even don’t know how to use it. :sad:

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